I Told the Moon

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Our stay-at-home celebration of the Presidential Inaugural Ball

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And suddenly this simplistic, silly fairytale just became so much more relatable than I ever gave it credit for.

The excuses I gave and the real reasons behind why I hate therapy.

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Talk Therapy

Unfortunately, everything isn’t as simple as ‘declare you will conquer something, and it will be so’.

My fear only intensified and my resentment grew deeper.

Like most hatred, I learned my disgust was rooted in jealousy.

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I loathe star-struck mothers.

No canned personality will ever match the complexity of any woman

Understanding the science behind the bond between a mother and her child.

I told the moon: Love is Simply Complicated
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A year-end breastfeeding reflection.

Photo by Marie Elizabeth Photography

I Told the Moon

Even if no one listened. Even if no one heard me at all. At least I’ll have told the moon. — itoldthemoon.com

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